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Our "safe to use" Colour Changing Candles can readily create a romantic or calming atmosphere in any home without fear of fire or accident, such as spilling wax on your favourite furniture!

DigiCandles are the world's first flameless remote controlled colour changing candles with 4 and 8 hour timer. 

Enjoy real wax candles vanilla scented candles without messy wax and dangerous flames. The "easy to use" remote control provides the choice of 12 colours at the touch of a button. 

Great for outdoor entertaining or indoor relaxation. Why not enjoy the beautiful glow of a candle whilst relaxing in a romantic bubble bath? 

An ideal Birthday or Housewarming gift, our DigiCandles look fantastic at parties, evenings in with friends and special events. 

Flameless candles are safe to use with children and pets as well as near curtains, beds and other home furnishings. The remote control lets you use the flameless candles in hard to reach areas such as tall shelves or even chandeliers.

Create stunning dining table centrepieces, wedding decor and more with these beautiful candles. They gently flicker to create a realistic glow or equally can be static to provide "low level" bedside lighting. You decide the colour and the ambience!


Real wax multi colour changing candles

Safe to touch - remote controlled

Vanilla Scented

Incorporates the latest digital technology with LED light

4 and 8 hour timer

Touch button colour choice

Manual and automatic colour light selection function

Instant changes of ambience and mood change at the touch of a button

Cost Savings

Today we all look to save on costs wherever we can; a traditional burning wax candle will of course need replacing at some point once it has burned.

A DigiCandle on the other hand will eventually only need the standard AAA batteries to be changed. If however rechargeable batteries are being used then this will negate this need.


Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and DigiCandles

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen with Lisa Pyle
- DigiCandle -
Interior designer & TV personality, Laurence Llewelyn Bowen visited our stand at the 2011 Christmas Ideal Home Show which was held at Earls Court in West London.

Laurence was so captivated by our DigiCandles he decided to use several for his Ideal Home Exhibition room set display.

Buying several DigiCandles for personal family use, we understand they proved to be a "big hit" at their Christmas party!

"I have found myself really quite addicted to DigiCandles, for the ability to bring glamorous light to the darkness without the practicalities of burning candles is particularly captivating!" LLB