Traditional burning wax candles
pose a serious fire risk

With safety being of paramount importance, traditional burning wax candles are a potential fire hazard.

Although candles mark special occasions and create a special atmosphere they can also bring fire into your home!

Most universities in the USA do not allow candles in dormitories for good reason: they often cause fires!


According to statistics ...

More than 5 fires a day are started in
the UK by candles, and the
consequences can be tragic.
  • Around 1 in 3 people that were injured in a fire at home was caused by a candle fire - this makes candles the 2nd highest cause of injury after cigarette lighters.
  • 3 out of 4 candles fires are categorised as severe, causing significant damage to property or injuries to people. In London there are candle fires almost every day of the year!
  • There are more candle fires in December than in any other month
  • 4% of all fires in the USA are caused by candles
  •  In 2008 candle fires in the UK caused the death of 18 people
  • Around 1300 UK home fires are caused by candles each year
  • In 2000 alone there were 2000 house fires caused by candles with 10 deaths and 900 people being injured.

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